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This site is for 360 wavers but you don't have to be a 360 waver to enjoy this site.It covers men fashion,grooming,product reviews,and whatever else that enhances style.  

How do you get 360 waves?

How to get waves? 
How do I get 360 waves?
How do I get deep waves?
How to get waves overnight? 
How do I get 360 waves fast?
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Cut in waves

The fade in on this haircut is nice,but would you rock this cut?

@WahlProf 5 Star Shaver

If you are like me or a lot of black men, shaving is one of the most hated things you do on a daily or weekly basis. 
Reasons could be,
  1. The burning feeling after shaving
  2. Razor burn 
  3. Razor bumps
  4. Skin discoloration 
Razor bumps and the burning feeling after shaving are the main reasons why I don't like shaving.Razor bumps occur when you shave your face or neck and the hairs instead of falling off,the hair  coil up and grow into the skin.
I've tried using alot of razors ,but nothing really seemed to help me. The  5 star shaver from Wahl is a great product to use. Its a portable electric shaver that takes the small hairs from your face and neck and won't cause any irritation to you. You can buy one here  and won't have to worry about shaving anymore.

Waves On Specific Ocean?!?

If you don't know to spell something just use Google. Google is your friend.