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Developing A 360 Waves Method

Developing a method for your hair is important when your are trying to obtain and maintain your waves.After brushing your hair, moisturizing is the next big thing to keep your waves looking nice.Dry hair is not a good look

I use a du-rag it holds better and i like them better then wave caps.

In the morning I take off my du rag , brush my hair in the shower ,while my hair is still alittle wet i add a daily moisturizer, then brush my hair again,finsish by putting my du rag on for 5 minutes. Take it off and go on with my day. In the night time i brush my hair for at least an hour straight, get a face towel add some warm water to it rub it around my head(the same way I brush my hair)put a du rag on my hair and go to sleep.
Thats a basic outline of what you should do when developing a method for your hair.Also you should always wear a du rag or wave cap when you go to sleep.